Enjoy the perfect Charcoal barbecue

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The benefits of barbecues with Dorset Charcoal

  • Easy to light.
  • No need for lighter fuel or fire lighters.
  • Reaches cooking temperature in 10 - 15 mins.
  • Burns cleanly with no unpleasant fumes or smoke.
  • Burns uniformly leaving only ash.
    (Great Pot-Ash for your garden and lawn)

Dorset Charcoal is easy to light

Dorset Charcoal - How to light a barbecue.
Watch our demonstration of how to light a barbeque using only paper and a lighter.
This video is speeded up 20x to 1 minute.

How to light a charcoal fire

Advise from the experts

Unlike the imported varieties of charcoal, Dorset Hardwood Charcoal is very easy to light.

You can use a crumbled piece of paper with a few small pieces of charcoal wrapped in it, build a pyramid shape around it with other pieces of charcoal and then light the paper.

Leave for a few minutes until the charcoal is well alight and then add more charcoal as required. You will be ready to barbecue in about 10 to 15 minutes.

You usually know you are ready when the lump charcoal begins to turn red, a white ash appears around most of the lumps and you can leave your hand 6 inches above the fire for at least 5 seconds.

Barbecue Recipes

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The Weather

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Lets face it, as a nation we seem to be obsessed by the weather!

No more so than in our industry where so much of our time is spent in the 'great outdoors'. For that reason we offer a brief overview of the weather in a variety of areas.



Build Your Own

How to build a charcoal barbecue

Information about differnt ways to make the perfect charcoal barbecue.


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