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Green Keepers of Golf Courses take note;

We offer a charcoal soil improver particular to golf courses;
Using the soil improver harks back to common practice of a century ago, when greenkeepers used charcoal to keep greens porous and firm, and to improve the appearance and colour of turf.
Now greenkeepers have a new incentive to rediscover the old methods, following an EU ruling to withdraw products containing the chemical iprodione, which are used to treat fusarium patch (Microdochium nivale) among other turf diseases.
Contact us for more information.

A Second Life for Unused Lump Charcoal

This recent article from shows the myriad of uses for unused charcoal...
"Don't let that half-empty bag from last summer sit around. Charcoal—the natural lump variety made from hardwood—can do more than cook burgers and smoke ribs."

Is UK Barbecue Charcoal Fuelling Global Deforestation?

In response to the BBC's recent article of the above title, we've replied with the following...

The answer is no!

Producers of UK BBQ Charcoal are doing everything in their powers to reduce global deforestation by producing a local alternative, from sustainably managed English woodlands, to the shocking amounts of imported charcoal from unsustainable sources!
Although your article goes on to point this out, the headline is so ill judged and poorly worded that it would be easy for readers of the article to get the wrong end of the stick!
A little positive mention towards UK producers would of helped... instead your article has the potential to exacerbate the issue!

Dorset Charcoal on 'This Morning'

Dorset Charcoal made it on to "This Morning" on ITV last week when their resident chef Phil Vickery did an outside broadcast from Chessil Beach and cooked gurnard over our charcoal. Click Here to Read Article.

Phil Vickery and Dorset Charcoal

Happy New Year 2018!

Horse Illustration by Mike Chapman

Dorset artist Mike Chapman creates a masterpiece; then the tools get eaten!

Local artist Mike Chapman is creating a set of charcoal studies of horses for an auction to raise money for The Horse Course Charity who work with young people 8-24yrs old and families in Weymouth. Using our Artists Dorset Charcoal, Mike spent time at Harry Fry Racing and the Horse Course with some outstanding results.

“I didn’t know that this charcoal that I draw with, also helps the horses to stay healthy and reach their peak condition - It's so fitting that I use it for these studies.” - Mike Chapman.

“It’s wonderful to see the charcoal being used in this way first hand – I think the work Mike has produced will be a great benefit to the Horse Course and hope we raise lots of money for their cause.” - Jim Bettle founder of The Dorset Charcoal Company.

Charcoal has been recognised for millennia as a wonderful aid to a healthy digestive system. Charcoal is super absorbent, as it has a huge surface area within its structure. When introduced to the gut it restores the correct PH balance in a passive way by collecting toxins before being “passed” out of the system naturally.

The Dorset Charcoal can be used as a fuel to cook on, added to soil to boost nutrients, and as a food supplement for animals. If you would like to bid for these pieces of signed artwork then please email or direct message your bid. The winning bid will be announced on Christmas Day making this a chance to secure that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one or to add to your collection.

Photographs by Richard Budd

Visit Artist Mike Chapman's website.
Photographs by Richard Budd ©2017   - 07767 895 205 DorsetFoodandDrinkPhotographer. Contact for more information if needed, also a full selection of high resolution images are available.

Artists charcoal drawings of Hourses

Latest News - October 2017

Chop Recipe... Marcus Bowdon from Country Woodsmoke was featured in three excellent BBQ films by Richard Budd. Check out all the films & recipes on our recipes page.

We are proud to be expanding our commercial catering operations and we are now supplying our Restuarant Grade Charcoal to companies such as The Inver restaurant in Argyle.

And we are proud to have received this recommendation from Matt at Flaming Peaches...
“Your charcoal is superb” Dorset Charcoal would easily stand shoulder to shoulder with any other high quality imported hard wood charcoal.
Jim and his team work hard to produce these large beautifully formed chunks of charcoal from locally managed hardwood forests, they're incredible easy to light and deliver consistent temperature for my ceramics BBQ oven.
I wouldn't use anything else!

The Dorset Charcoal Company is again proud to be supplying Special Effects Charcoal for use in the production of Game of Thrones Season 8. Who would of thought... All the way from Dorset to Westeros!

Our charcoal has been supplied recently to one of the UK's leading commercial funghi cultivators to be incorporated in their growing medium.

Plus with the banning of microbeads in cosmetics our Charcoal Powder is more and more in demand by the cosmetic industry as it provides a sustainable natural alternative. Read this article from Lush to find out more about how Dorset Charcoal is improving both cosmetics & the enviroment.

Here's is a recently found article by the WWF showing our work in educating the population regarding charcoal issues is still a long way from complete.

And as a way of demonstrating charcoals versatility we thought you might be interested in this Guardian article - "It's in smoothies, toothpaste and pizza – is charcoal the new black?".

News - May 2017

The Dorset Charcoal Company is soon to be featured in the summer editions of the following two publications, look out for us extolling the virtues of what we do, its benefits for our woodlands and also some handy summer bbq tips...
LEAF magazine of The Woodland Trust.
Vegetarian Living.

Dorset Charcoal Company at Glastonbury Festival.

Blackmore Vale Magazine...
- Equestian Guide 2017

For all you horse lovers out there, look out for our advert in the recently published Blackmore Vale Equestrian Guide 2017, available at all good tack shops. "Your first point of reference for local shows and events in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire".
- Green Award 2017
We're featured in this months issue for winning the Black More Vales Green Award, which is given to the business that best demonstrates an outstanding commitment to sustainability.

Woodlanders Ep8: Woodland Charcoal.
We recently has Costa Boutsikaris, (over from The States), filming our charcoal burning process for the Woodlanders series of films...

"The Dorset Charcoal Company has been moving through the forests of Dorset, England for 20 years creating value from "uneconomical wood". By bringing in their mobile kilns they can add value to waste wood and in turn allow forest management to happening in these woods. Using old and simple technology they continue the tradition of burning off the steam and oils from the wood to create 90% carbon! Charcoal has so many amazing uses and its fascinating to see how this business model can be used to improve the woodland."

This series is 100% Crowd-Funded so please consider becoming a PATRON to help keep it going:
Watch the series here.

Glastonbury Festival 2017...

We are the official charcoal wholesaler once again, ensuring your festival jerk chicken and burgers are cooked on a truely sustainable charcoal.

Dorset Charcoal Company at Glastonbury Festival.

News - April 2017

Spring is here and we're as busy as ever...

Kew Gardens recently purchased a large quantity of our biochar... Soon to be available online from ourselves.

Look out for us in this years Blackmore Vale Equestrian Guide... in good tack shops near you from May onwards.

Why not experience wonderful caribbean food cooked on our charcoal in one of the most stunning settings in Dorset at The Scott Arms in Kingston?

News - February 2017

Aberdeen City of Light Festival

Buy Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Suppliment online.

The Dorset Charcoal Company has again supplied the Aberdeen City of Light Festival with charcoal for part of their light instalation 'Hot Heads'. For four nights, from 9-12 February 2017, SPECTRA, Aberdeen’s stunning Festival of Light, will return to celebrate the Scottish Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology exploring Aberdeen’s past through this year’s theme “A New Light”.

News - January 2017

A new year and a new page.

Our news page was getting somewhat long by then the of last year, so we've moved the archived news to seperate pages. You can easily find them via the menu or follow these links...
News and articles from 2016.
Older news and articles.

NFU Countryside Article

Buy Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Suppliment online.

Look out for our feature in the February Edition of NFU Countryside Magazine. 

The article highlights the wonderful benefits that our charcoal animal feed suppliment has for pets and horses.

Granular Charcoal Equine Feed Suppliment

Gardener's BioChar

Our Biochar is now available at Poundbury Garden Centre, CW Groves of Bridport as well as being used last year at Wentworth House, Highgrove Gardens and Bride Valley Vineyard amongst others.


barbecue Charcoal Animal Feed Supliments Gradener's BioChar restaurant Grade barbecue Charcoal All our wood sources meet UK Forestry Commission standards.