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Charcoal Powder

The Dorset Charcoal Company's Charcoal Powder has a myriad of uses from pyrotechnics to cosmetics

100% British Hardwood Charcoal Powder

Charcoal Powder is used for manufacture of pyrotechnics, production of cosmetics, in the construction industry and as an art material.

Our standard powder grades are  <600um, <425um and <100um (Other finer or coarser are grades available upon request). Supplied in weights from 1kg to 100's kgs of various powders.


Either general hardwood or softwood powders, to the more species specific powders i.e. alder, birch, chestnut or willow.

Please Contact Us for further information and prices. 

  • 100% British Manufactured Charcoal Powder

  • REACH registered

  • COSMOS accredited

  • Natural not Activated

  • Produced in Dorset from sustainable forestry

Dorset Charcoal Powder in a bag
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Charcoal powder in a heap

Charcoal Powder for Cosmetic Uses

100% British Hardwood Charcoal Powder
Charcoal Powder in cosmetics is great for skin, hair and teeth care.


Our powder is incorporated into a range of products including; soaps, face masks, massage bars, body cleansers, deodorants, shampoos, toothpastes and teeth whiteners.

  • Charcoal powder is a natural alternative to micro-beads being not only a cleanser, but also an exfoliator and binder

  • Our powder is 100% natural with no additive or contaminants

  • Natural -non activated eco charcoal powder

  • Made from 100% sustainably harvested UK oak in the county of Dorset

  • Fully laboratory tested

  • REACH registered

  • COSMOS accredited

  • Supplied to companies large and small.

Charcoal is perfect for drawing away impurities from your skin.

A recent article in the Telegraph explains how charcoal's porous surface is the perfect solution to drawing away and absorbing impurities, grease and grime from your skin and making them easy to wash off. It is also a good exfoliator and so is becoming a popular ingredient for many skin care products

Charcoal, when refined to a powder form makes a really effective exfoliator and cleanser for you skin. It can draw dirt, oils and grime to the surface and absorb it, making it easy to then wash off.

We supply Lush Cosmetics with Birch Charcoal Powder for their cleansing products - Read what they have to say about charcoal as an ingredient here and their article about us here.

Model using charcoal toothpaste
Model using a charcoal facepack
Clinique charcoal face wash
Lush Cosmetics charcoal products
Lush Cosmetics charcoal products

Coal Collectives Oak Charcoal Teeth Whitening.

100% natural oak charcoal powder cleanses and polishes your teeth to reveal a whiter and brighter smile in just two weeks.

Charcoal Powder for Industrial Uses

Charcoal Powder is used for a vast range of purposes including: Cosmetics, Firework and Gunpowder manufacture, as a colourant in Construction, in the Film industry and as an Art material.

Special Effects & Set Design: Charcoal powder is used to create Special Effects, Fireworks and for Set Designs.

Aquatic uses: The cleaning and sweetening properties of charcoal are also of interest to keepers of fish and ponds alike.
Please contact us for more details.

Construction: Charcoal is often used in traditional building techniques either as a pozzolan or a pigment in lime mortars by specialised building firms. Amongst other conservation building projects Dorset charcoal was used in the restoration of Windsor Castle after the fire in the 1990's. Charcoal is often used in industrial construction as a colourant for concrete.

Single Species Burns: Please Contact Us if you have special requirements as we are able to produce specific species charcoal if required, graded to any specification from the largest lump wood to the finest powder.

Filtration & Pollution Control: We supply charcoal for use in filters, for amongst other things to aid in pollution control and spill care.

Orange Fireworks
Man plastering a wall

1 tonne was recently used in the restoration of The Royal Dockyards at Chatham Kent.

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