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Orchid Potting Charcoal

The Perfect Potting Medium

Orchid Potting Charcoal differs from our Gardener's Biochar in that it has been sifted to remove the smaller dust particles which can cause drainage blockages. 

Orchid Potting Charcaol

Our Orchid Potting Charcoal is a perfect potting medium.

Charcoal is one of the most important components in a good Orchid potting mix. It helps to keep the mixture sweet and filter out impurities. Our Orchid Potting Charcoal is made from Dorset hardwoods and is chemical free, made form 5-10mm fines. It can be used on its own or mixed with other potting materials depending upon the type of Orchid.

It's the perfect medium for growing Orchids as it aids drainage and allows air through to the plants roots. Most potting materials for orchids do not provide any nutrients and so fertilisers are added. Charcoal helps to store those nutrients aiding fertility and absorbing minerals and salts that may harm roots of the plant. These mineral deposits can often be spotted by the whitish chalky material or clumpy yellowish colouration around the bottom of the pot which is caused by salt build ups from using synthetic fertilisers.

It is often recommended to repot the plants on a regular basis (Every 6 to 12 months) in order to avoid root damage and plant poisoning.

Pine bark normally lasts for about a year and most mosses around six months before they need replacing, but by adding charcoal to the mix this duration is doubled (Repotting only required every 12 to 24 months), as charcoal binds metabolic toxins from the breakdown of plant materials slowing down their decay.

Horticultural charcoal and other coarse, well-draining growing mediums such as bark, moss and coconut fibre are essential to successful orchid cultivation, since they are able to support the delicate roots of your plant without smothering them. But don't just take our word for it, read these articles: 

• Charcoal and Orchids

• How to grow Orchids

• Retains (adsorbs) excess nutrients (fertiliser) and releases them later when needed.

• It is inert. (Chemically inactive)

• Filters impurities that can harm an Orchids roots.

• Allows the flow of air through the potting mix.

• Retains moisture and provides good drainage.

• Helps to increase the soil PH.

• Removes unwanted odours.

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