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Charcoal Fines

We supply various grades of charcoal fines for industrial uses

Charcoal Fines for Industrial Uses

The Dorset Charcoal Company provides all grades of charcoal fines and charcoal powder, from a variety of wood species for numerous industrial purposes.

Fines are the smaller particles of charcoal and can be graded to any specification you require. 

Charcoal Has Many Industrial Uses:

Charcoal is used in many industries for a vast range of purposes including:

  • Cosmetics (Great alternative to Micro-Beads).

  • Pollution Control.

  • Laboratory Testing.

  • Distillery.

  • 'High Heat' Welding.

  • Copper & Iron Smelting.

  • Firework & Gunpowder Manufacture.

  • Reptile Substrate Ingredient.

  • Medium for fungi cultivation.


Laboratory Fire Testing: Specific grade softwood charcoal is supplied to companies for use in laboratory FIRE testing work. BS6853 Annex D Fire Source.

Laboratory Testing: Charcoal is supplied to research companies for use in laboratory testing work. 

Single Species Burns: Please Contact Us if you have special requirements as we are able to produce specific species charcoal if required, graded to any specification from the largest lump wood to the finest powder.

Filtration & Pollution Control: We supply charcoal for use in filters, for amongst other things to aid in pollution control and spill care.

Fungi Cultivation: Our charcoal has been supplied recently to one of the UK's leading commercial fungi cultivators to be incorporated in their growing medium.

Various grades of charcoal fines
Copper smelting
Forge welding

Grade Examples


Charcoal is also incorporated into Food and Drink products, from cheese-makers to fancy cocktail makers


We are now suppliers to Primrose Kitchen.

For some great Charcoal Cooking Recipes for Pizza, Waffles, Smoothies and Pancakes, read this article by Viners.

Primrose Kitchen Chia and Charcoal Porridge

Primrose Kitchen's Chia and Charcoal Porridge is a combination of creamy Organic British oats with the finest kiln made Dorset charcoal and the superfood of the Mayans known as chia.

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Food & Drink

Charcoal and Reptiles

Charcoal is used in Reptile enclosures to absorb excess moisture.

2014 saw the Dorset Charcoal Company supply charcoal for a private poison dart frog enthusiast for use in the substrate/tank bedding, and 2015 has seen this use expand with a major UK company purchasing a substantial quantity to be able to offer this product to reptile enthusiasts nationally.

Contact Us for more details.

Otange and Black Poision Arrow Frog

Articles about Industrial Charcoal...

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