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Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement

For a healthy digestive system

Our Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement is the perfect dietary aid for removing toxins & aiding the health of all animals from horses through to cats, dogs and chickens.

Charcoal is the Natural Solution

Charcoal has been recognised for millennia as a wonderful aid to a healthy digestive system, which in turn benefits the immune system. It is a fantastic remover of toxins and intestinal gases, indeed should you have the misfortune to end up in hospital with poisoning, the first thing prescribed to you will most likely be charcoal!

Charcoal is super absorbent, it has a huge surface area due to numerous pores and fissures contained within its structure.

When introduced to the gut it restores the correct PH balance in a passive way by collecting toxins before being “passed” out of the system naturally. 


Due to its inert nature there are no side effects and it is a simple, safe, effective and great value way of dealing with digestive related issues in equines and other animals. It leads to good temperament and better performance by maintaining and improving your animals condition.

  • Aids digestion & absorbs intestinal gases.

  • Removes toxins naturally.

  • Helps maintain health & condition.

  • Safe, effective and great value.

  • Helps reduced vet bills.

  • Natural charcoal as an Animal Feed Supplement is BHA and FEI compliant.

  • Combats bad breath & reduces flatulence.

  • Suitable for all animals and pets.

  • A thermo-structured vegetal charcoal.

  • 100% natural (non-activated).

  • Produced from English oak trees in  sustainable Dorset woodlands.

  • Carbonisation process involved in its production is chemical free.

  • Super absorbent through its extensive network of pores.

  • The granular charcoal has been tested and approved by Dorset Trading standards.

  • Considered a raw material EC Commission Regulation 767/2009 for animal feed.

All of our prices include Mainland UK postage and packaging

Benefits to Equines

For horses charcoal is a fantastic gastric conditioner and helps remove the cause of gastric problems in horses, ponies and all equines, returning the animals system to tip top health within days.


The action of this natural feed supplement is inexpensive and very effective. It allows them to regain weight and improve their condition, through the safe and natural action of removing toxins from the digestive system. 


Our charcoal is BHA and FEI compliant and also listed as a feed material by the Food Standard Agency, allowing horses to compete and race while taking the product. 


Larger 60 litre barrels available for trainers and livery yards, please Email Us for more information:

Charcoal is especially useful for improving the condition of horses as they are one of only a few animals that are unable to vomit, therefore meaning that once ingested, any potentially hazardous substance has to pass through the whole digestive system. Charcoal absorbs any toxins present in the gut and then passes them through the animal naturally.


The Dorset Charcoal Company Granular Charcoal is available to buy online direct from us. Else you can find other stockists here.


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A Natural Aid For Equine Gastric Health

“Since using Dorset Charcoal Granular Animal Feed Supplement, Marty's gut health has improved meaning he's much more comfortable in himself.

His coat is shining and he's holding his weight so that he's working better and not stressing when he is.


We've been spending less money on food since adding Dorset Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement to his diet and we're also currently seeing a reduction in vet bills of more than £100 a month. 


It's really supporting Marty's gut balance and general health. Over the years I've learnt to take a straightforward approach to caring for the horses and keep it simple.


For Marty that means we can get the best out of him and Em can get more time in the saddle. It's everything I wanted to achieve in one simple solution"

Charcoal animal feed supplement tub in hay
Joanne Comley signature

Dogs & Cats

Animal Feed Charcoal for Cats & Dogs.

Granulated charcoal animal feed supplement improves pets breath and reduces flatulence!

Charcoal added to your dog’s or cat’s feed reduces gas (and odours), aids digestion and improves health and vitality.

Charcoal absorbs over 4,000 known toxins and is an excellent way of protecting your cat or dog from the effects of scavenged toxins, as well as chocolate.

Feed your pet a little everyday to keep them healthy. Simply sprinkle onto their food, charcoal has no taste or smell.

Benefits to Poultry & other Birds

Charcoal is great for Chickens & Poultry.


Animal feed charcoal is good for chickens and all other poultry e.g. turkeys, geese, fowl. Feeding your chickens charcoal is good for combating diarrhoea and illness such as Coccidiosis. The charcoal helps remove the toxins from the system enabling the immune system to work more effectively. The charcoal is able to adsorb high levels of ammonia, in turn enhancing food conversion rates, enabling drier droppings and reducing phosphate levels in droppings.


This results in easier cleaning, less infection, less foot damage, less worm problems, reduction in smell and a reduction in fly numbers around poultry. 

Further yet, by adsorbing toxins from the bird’s system and capturing ammonia, granular charcoal can reduce feet burn (pododermatitis), skin burns, breast burn and aforementioned gut disease. All this will help markedly with your flocks increased welfare and health. 

It is also beneficial to caged birds such as budgerigars, canaries etc. Granulated charcoal is an excellent avian digestive aid, it helps to relieve stomach upset and fight hyper acidity. It makes their general health, droppings and feather quality much better.

Articles About Dorset Charcoal's Animal Feed Supplement.

Feeding Chickens Charcoal

Article from outlining the benefits of feeding chickens charcoal and adding it to their water supply to absorb toxins.  
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Group of chickens

Animal Dosage Guide

Recommended daily amounts: 

10ml = one blue scoop (Provided).  About 2x heaped tea-spoon
In all cases the stated daily amounts can be split between the usual daily feeding times of the animal. 

i.e. half dose twice a day etc. 

Simply sprinkle or mix into animals food.

Charcoal has no taste or smell. Clean drinking water should always be available for all animals. 

With equines the recommended dosage can be halved once the condition or problem has improved, and continued until full recovery is reached. To prevent illness and maintain condition one third the recommended dose can be given on a regular/daily basis:

16HH plus = 125ml

14-15HH = 100ml

12-13HH = 75ml

less than 11HH = 50ml

Beef 30-60 ml per head, 
Dairy 60-120ml per head daily.


20ml per head for a medium breed daily.

Sheep & Goats: 

30ml per head for a medium sized animal daily.


Small breeds 10- 30ml, Medium breeds 10-60ml, Large breeds 10-90ml daily.


10-20ml daily.

Poultry & Cage Birds: 30ml per 5kg of feed daily.

Poultry & Cage Birds:

30ml per 5kg of feed daily.

Analytical Constituents

100% British Hardwood Charcoal 


This product contains approximately 80% crude fibre. Although incredibly beneficial to an animals health our animal feed charcoal is not a substitute for veterinary prescribed medication or attention as it has no medicinal properties. A vet should be engaged should your animal develop illness. 

Our charcoal is an inert substance, recognized as a passive substance by the BHA and complies with FEI regulations. Provenance of charcoal; Unlike other granular charcoal on the market, the source of our charcoal is absolutely verifiable as we make it! It is not made from unspecified wood species and sources and imported from abroad, it is made from 100% English hardwoods such as oak, beech and ash, is 100% made in the county of Dorset and is from 100% sustainably managed woodlands.

Natural charcoal such as ours is a pure carbon product, activated charcoal is not. Activated charcoal is usually made from powdered coconut shell, resulting from the palm oil industry, and usually comes in capsule form where the powder is held together by non pure binding agents. 

Unlike activated charcoal which has gone through a chemical process to increase its porosity, which in turn can effect mineral, vitamin and nutrient levels in an animal, meaning it cannot be used as a constant feed supplement; natural granular charcoal can be fed safely in the long term as it is a wonderful natural detoxifier of the digestive system and actually enhances the take up of nutrients by animals facilitating weight gain and improvement in condition.

Natural, Not Activated!

Our Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement is Natural not Activated.

Our Charcoal animal feed Supplement is Natural not activated, allowing for continuous feeding, this cannot be done with activated charcoal as it will result in good bacteria being stripped from the gut due to its hyper absorbency.

Read this full article for more details.

Customer Reviews


"I have been using Charcoal for my T.B gelding who is prone to Gassy Colic for a year now and found it to be a valuable addition to his feed. Instead of regular bouts of colic in previous years before using Charcoal, in the last year he has had just one which is a vast improvement. I switched to The Dorset Charcoal Company because their product is one with very low 'food miles' and is consistently top quality. It is very good value for money, there is always an email to say when my order is being dispatched and delivery is fast. A company and product that works and I shall be sticking with."

Frances Bolt from Trowbridge in Wiltshire.

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