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Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement

For a healthy digestive system

Our Granular Charcoal Animal Feed Supplement is the perfect dietary aid for removing toxins & aiding the health of all animals from horses through to cats, dogs and chickens.

Charcoal is the Natural Solution

Charcoal has been recognised for millennia as a wonderful aid to a healthy digestive system, which in turn benefits the immune system. It is a fantastic remover of toxins and intestinal gases, indeed should you have the misfortune to end up in hospital with poisoning, the first thing prescribed to you will most likely be charcoal!

Charcoal is super absorbent, it has a huge surface area due to numerous pores and fissures contained within its structure.

When introduced to the gut it restores the correct PH balance in a passive way by collecting toxins before being “passed” out of the system naturally. 


Due to its inert nature there are no side effects and it is a simple, safe, effective and great value way of dealing with digestive related issues in equines and other animals. It leads to good temperament and better performance by maintaining and improving your animals condition.

  • Aids digestion & absorbs intestinal gases.

  • Removes toxins naturally.

  • Helps maintain health & condition.

  • Safe, effective and great value.

  • Helps reduced vet bills.

  • Natural charcoal as an Animal Feed Supplement is BHA and FEI compliant.

  • Combats bad breath & reduces flatulence.

  • Suitable for all animals and pets.

  • A thermo-structured vegetal charcoal.

  • 100% natural (non-activated).

  • Produced from English oak trees in  sustainable Dorset woodlands.

  • Carbonisation process involved in its production is chemical free.

  • Super absorbent through its extensive network of pores.

  • The granular charcoal has been tested and approved by Dorset Trading standards.

  • Considered a raw material EC Commission Regulation 767/2009 for animal feed.