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Billy The Horse & Dorset Charcoal.

Updated: May 13, 2021

January 2015

This is the first day I had Billy. Only 4 days after he raced!

Clare from Hazelbury Bryan...

Since Billy had that hiccup of Gastric Colic, he’s now moving off of his ulcer treatment and swiftly moving on to charcoal and he's been fine.

He's not on any other supplements, due to delicate nature of his digestive system, except for Dorset Charcoal. He's been a tricky horse regards his gut and it’s been bloody hard. Like two steps forward then a million back! He had to finish his course of veterinary gastric ulcer treatment and then literally two days from ending it he got Gastric Colic!

I obviously checked with vet regards charcoal and since I have definitely seen a change in him. Plus at the cost of your tubs (£35 for 10 litre tub) compared with £21 per syringe everyday, my bank account is breathing a sigh of relief!

2 weeks later.

All the posh supplements ie: Top-spec at over £20 a bag & Equilibrium at over £30 a bag etc. added in to the feed measured roughly a decent mug full in the morning and evening which are loaded with so many different types of everything you don’t actually know what's helping & what isn't!

My vet always says keep it basic, keep it natural, so Billy’s only on a very very bland and basic feed. No top-line nuts, no build-up mix, no high calorie cereal feeds, no barley and no oats. Just bran (pure & simple), fibre beet (sugar beet minus the molasses), a very small token amount of cool mix (literally a handful), a mixed natural chaff of chopped straw, alfalfa, hay and his Dorset Charcoal.

4 weeks later.

None of these feeds promote rapid weight gain. Just gentle feed with added charcoal so the first and second gut works accordingly removing a build up of gasses & helping the natural feeds stay longer in each process of the digestive tract, thus giving optimum natural levels of absorbing the important natural vitamins he needs to put weight on.

In 6 to 8 weeks I’ll be raising his dose of charcoal due to natural regrowth of grass in spring ‘but’ dropping the feed down! The charcoal will aid his gut to keep moving correctly as the grass gets more lush and will help keep anymore gastric colic episodes at bay.

6 weeks later. Still got a way to go, but after his first 2 weeks with gastric ulcer treatment from the vets he moved onto Dorset Charcoal.


January 2016

Update from Clare...

I've just tidied Billy's mane up, it was massively thick! That means the charcoal is making the gut work properly and helping him get the most nutrients out of his food and that'll be why he now looks so amazing! Thanks Dorset Charcoal!

You contributed massively in the rehabilitation and well being of this special little horse and this has kept my heart in tact, because as you know every day, just every day was a huge step!

The smallest change would set us back weeks and with his health battered and my bank account too, what with that gastric veterinary aid.

Now I have a most magnificent, fat, shiny, healthy horse. Yay for charcoal - the simplest thing that has the greatest effect!

Billy's looking good a year later.



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