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Charcoal's digestive benefits for pets and horses.

Blackmore Vale Magazine - 16th November 2016

Although known for supplying top quality, locally made barbecue charcoal, the Blackmore Vale Business Awards Green Award 2016 winner Dorset Charcoal Company has been supplying its fine granular charcoal to animal owners for a number of years.

Charcoals benefits to digestion have been known by countless generations and whereas charcoal tablets have been readily available to humans, the animal equivalent has not been so. Charcoal is a natural, safe, effective way to remove toxins from an animal's digestive system, helping to improve and maintain their condition from the smallest bird to the largest steed.

While it has no nutritional or medicinal properties itself, charcoal contributes to keeping an animal's digestive system healthy. As it is inert and indigestible, it acts to bind toxins to itself and pass them out of the system. Charcoal is especially useful for improving the condition of horses, as they are one of only a few animals that are unable to vomit, therefore meaning that once ingested, any potentially hazardous substance has to pass through the whole digestive system.

Charcoal absorbs any toxins present in the gut and then passes them through the animal naturally (without harm to the digestive system). An added bonus for all pet owners is less flatulence and better breath (of the pet!).

"All our charcoal is produced locally in Dorset and made purely from sustainably managed hardwood species such as ash and oak," said proprietor Jim Bettle, who is to be featured on BBC1's Countryfile again in a couple of weeks.

"It is processed by hand, thereby ensuring no impurities are included. Owners can be confident that the charcoal they administer to their animals is of the very highest quality and provenance".

Charcoal is also listed as a feed material by the Food Standard Agency. The Dorset Charcoal Company Granular Charcoal is available at a number of local animal feed and equine stockists including The Paddock Pantry, Sturminster Newton and Woodrow Feeds, Hazelbury Bryan to name two.

Written by: TracyR



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