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Dorset artist Mike Chapman creates a masterpiece; then the tools get eaten!

Last winter we visited Harry Fry Racing Stables in the company of wonderful Dorset artist Mike Chapman and took these marvellous photographs.

Mike produced this wonderful drawing with our artist charcoal which we then auctioned off.

The auction and the sale of subsequent prints has raised in the region of £500 for the amazing local horse charity The Horse Course, who work with young people 8-24yrs old and families in Weymouth.

“I didn’t know that this charcoal that I draw with, also helps the horses to stay healthy and reach their peak condition - It's so fitting that I use it for these studies.” - Mike Chapman.

“It’s wonderful to see the charcoal being used in this way first hand – I think the work Mike has produced will be a great benefit to the Horse Course and hope we raise lots of money for their cause.” - Jim Bettle founder of The Dorset Charcoal Company.

Charcoal has been recognised for millennia as a wonderful aid to a healthy digestive system. Charcoal is super absorbent, as it has a huge surface area within its structure. When introduced to the gut it restores the correct PH balance in a passive way by collecting toxins before being “passed” out of the system naturally.

The Dorset Charcoal can be used as a fuel to cook on, added to soil to boost nutrients, and as a food supplement for animals.

Photography by Richard Budd.



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