Gardener's Biochar featured on BBC Gardeners' World.

Gardener's Biochar had a brief mention on Gardeners World in the last show of the season, with Joshua Sparks the head gardener of Ford Abbey talking about how he uses it to improve the soil.

One point we would like to highlight is that Joshua said that once the Biochar has been in the compost for a few weeks it is then activated. This is not the correct use of the term activated, which usually means that the charcoal has been through additional chemical process which makes it more porous. By mixing Biochar with compost you are in fact enriching it with nutrients and microbes which your plants need to thrive.

Its nice to see a little bit of TV highlighting the benefits of biochar for the garden. We have known this for years with our customers ranging from Kew Gardens and HRH Prince of Wales Highgrove gardens to vineyards and progressive vegetable growing projects.