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HORSE & RIDER - A natural helping hand for gastric health

We are very pleased to have been mentioned in Horse & Rider magazine.

Here's what they said:

"The Dorset Charcoal Company’s Granular Charcoal feed supplement helps to maintain your horse’s health and condition by…

naturally aiding digestion helping to remove toxins adsorbing intestinal gasses

This means it can be a safe, effective way to help reduce feed bills.

Made from 100% natural, non-activated charcoal sourced from oak trees grown in sustainable Dorset woodland, Granular Charcoal is super-adsorbent, chemical-free and suitable for continuous feeding. Plus, it’s BHA and FEI-compliant, and has been tested and approved by Dorset Trading Standards.

But don’t just take our word for it! Having supplied our charcoal feed supplement for a number of years, we have many loyal and happy customers. Find out what they have to say by visiting our website and reading their testimonials."



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