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Our Kiln Technology is Mobile!

Updated: May 13, 2021

We are Mobile!

This is important particularly to Dorset, which although with 12% woodland coverage it is characterised by a lot of small isolated or “farm” woodland.

To extract timber from these woods and transport it far enough to a road to allow for lorries to collect it is uneconomic and can result in the woodland management being neglected.

However if access is possible to these woodlands by our small truck we can locate our mobile kilns in the wood and then only have to extract out the produced charcoal which is of course is much lighter, making the system economically cost effective.

This type of mobile kiln technology also has a relevance for a wider global context and in recent years Jim Bettle has provided overseas consultancy to teach participants the skills of using these kilns were the forestry practices being employed have been proven to be properly regulated and enforced.

For more information please contact:   Jim Bettle.


This great video about The Dorset Charcoal Company by Costa Boutsikaris shows our mobile kilns in practice...


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