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The Big Biochar Experiment.

Updated: Jan 17

Nikky's results on beetroots: yields were an astonishing 70.6% higher in the biochar plot. Neither biochar nor control plot were fertilized, in both cases, the seeds were grown on Growmore.

The Dorset Charcoal Company recently supplied Kew Gardens in London, and two large market garden enterprises in Dorset with large amounts of Biochar.

Horticultural Charcoal has been in use for milenia, but much of that knowledge has been lost in modern times. You can get involved with the Big Biochar Experiment and help study the amazing benefits that Biochar can bring to soil and crop improvement.

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Tom Gregory
Tom Gregory
13 mai 2021

This experiment is no longer happening.

However I have just gotten an allotment and will be doing some Biochar testing, so watch this space over the next year or so. I'll set up a page that will be updated regularly with progress using Dorset Charcoal's Biochar.

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