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Save on packaging and just refill your Shaker Pot.


  • Simply sprinkle onto your pets food.
  • Tackles bad breath, reduces flatulence and aids digestion.
  • Granulated charcoal is a natural and safe product that works by absorbing stomach gases and toxins.
  • Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Birds

Granular Charcoal Shaker Pot Refill

  • We will be launching this product 2019!


    Animal Feed Charcoal for Dogs, Cats and Birds.
    ​Granulated charcoal animal feed supplement improves pets breath and reduces flatulence!
    Charcoal added to your dog’s or cat’s feed reduces gas (and odours), aids digestion and improves health and vitality.
    Charcoal absorbs over 4,000 known toxins and is an excellent way of protecting your cat or dog from the effects of scavenged toxins, as well as chocolate.

    Feed your pet a little everyday to keep them healthy. Simply sprinkle onto their food, charcoal has no taste or smell.

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