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The Dorset Charcoal Company produces top quality charcoal and firewood from 100% natural hardwood grown in well-managed local woodlands to suit all requirements and aims to continue to publicise the benefits of doing so. Your help is greatly appreciated
so please continue to Buy British and Burn British!

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All our prices include UK postage and packaging. 

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Charcoal Facts 

Dorset Charcoal's Barbecue Charcoal is not only the sound environmental option but is also a high grade fuel.

With carbon content as high as 90% compared to only 60% in many imported varieties of barbecue charcoal, our charcoal produced from British hardwoods is unsurpassed in its burning characteristics.


All our charcoal is produced locally in Dorset from 100% local hardwood species from well managed woodlands. We strive to not only produce the finest quality charcoal products but to maintain and look after our beautiful local surroundings by keeping and managing the woodlands.


The Dorset Charcoal Company specialises in the production and supply of a range of Charcoal Products; from lump wood for barbecues, to Biochar for gardeners, to powder for pyrotechnics, as well as Granular Charcoal as an Animal Feed Supplement to name but a few.

Woods full of bluebells

Bringing neglected woodlands back into management, or by finding a use for low value timber such as sawmill waste and thinnings, The Dorset Charcoal Company is producing truly sustainable local charcoal for a variety of markets.

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